About our company

dL’s mission is to help institutions, schools, professors, and students achieve their learning goals by creating well designed and innovative learning materials.


Innovation is at the heart of dL’s core principles. The best way to be innovative is to have empathy for your clients and customers. These can be students, professors, administrators, and other stakeholders. By having empathy we begin to see problems that we can solve. Then we can be creative and begin brainstorming unique solutions for our clients and customers.


Having empathy helps inform the solutions that we design for our clients and customers. This is at the heart of a process that John learned while at Stanford University called Design Thinking. Design Thinking was created by David Kelley who started the d.school at Stanford. Design Thinking and the Backward Design methodology are two processes that dL uses to create learning materials. Another key component that dL utilizes is rapid prototyping. These two approaches led John to create millions of dollars of new revenue for Pearson.


Using rapid prototyping and an iterative process, dL can quickly build quality learning materials. These learning materials can range from a single syllabus to an entire course. We are adept at many learning management systems and technology platforms. Contact us if you would like us to save you time and money.

John Wong

John Wong has been in the eLearning industry for over 15 years. During that time he’s been a course developer, project manager, instructional designer, curriculum consultant, and system administrator for multiple learning management systems. John was part of education and Internet history by helping Jones International University become the first online university to receive regional accreditation. He has also worked for Westwood College and Fortune 500 companies, Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems. John received his M.A. in Education from Stanford University in a program called Learning, Design, and Technology.

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Talented Freelancers

Without a doubt dL’s success is a result of talented freelancers who are leaders in their respective fields. We have access to the following experts:

  • course developers
  • instructional designers
  • scientists
  • programmers
  • web developers
  • graphic artists
  • subject matter experts
  • writers
  • accreditation experts
  • network and security experts
  • content mapping

Periodically dL will invite these talented folks to write a blog.


Below are some of the kind words people are saying about dL and John Wong. Visit the testimonials page for a complete list.

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