MyLabs and Mastering are both Pearson products where we have delivered top notch curriculum, information, and user friendly designs that continue to be innovative.  As a result, we have worked with schools and faculty to custom design and develop solutions that work for them.

“I met with Cherie yesterday and she said you have been wonderful to work with- thank you!”

Jess C., Pearson Representative

“I feel compelled to drop you a note to let you know, again, how much I appreciate the quality and speed of your work. Your ability to assess the situation re: the UF chemistry adoption, work within the very limited environment of the Mastering product, and creating something unique with solid design value is impressive. Thank you for all that you do…..it makes my job so much easier and more enjoyable”

Dave N., Pearson

I entrusted John Wong to organize the entire suite of homework assignments for my Berkeley course on “The Planets”. He used the MasteringAstronomy environment and constructed a set of homework assignments for each week. John brilliantly selected homework problems that encourage the student to use their reasoning and their physical and spatial logic to truly understand the material rather than memorize facts.  He has created a set of homework problems that will offer the students an active learning environment that is engaging and fun, translating astronomy problems to the reasoning the students will need in all endeavors in life. I am indebted to John for his pedagogically insightful construction of homework problems for my Berkeley course.

Geoff M., Professor, Cal Berkeley

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